A decade old french women movement #freethenipple takes the stateside in 2017

A decade old french women movement #freethenipple takes the stateside in 2017

Right from stone age,there exists a common ideology in gender bias which has never subdued but escalated to next level in past years.  Some uprisings have also been done with serious momentum for equal paying, affordable birth control along with other fundamental women’s rights.
Very basic thing one has to understand both in fashion and  real world, that there is no such thing known as “not to be discussed with anyone” – depends on the person to whom we do. But one thing is that the more we hide the more expectation and secrecy towards that grows.

 The Nipple :

Excluding some nations like France most of the other countries have stringent attitudes and restricts nudity. Biologically, the sexual organs of the child develops only during the 5th month from pregnancy time and due to which both male and female have nipples. But  the visualization and mindset towards portraying both male and female parts are completely different which we have seen in social medias like smudging the parts.
free the nippple

Nipple Freeing in United States :

Challenging all these notions of culture #freethenipplemovement has been developed and most of the women support this cause. By saying that those fat flesh protruding in front are just muscles and its no wrong in hiding them. But for hiding we need bras which are designed so tight in such a way that it exposes the curvaceous shape causing suffocation , Brigitte Bardot supports the cause. Rihanna who particularly catalyzed the conversation with breasts has went on a shoot which exposed her nipple rings in DJ Khaled’s “wild thoughts ” video through fuchsia crop top designed by Betsey Johnson. Earlier she had made a visit in CFDA fashion awards 2014 in a crystal mesh adam selman dress. Kim Kardashian supports this cause by  organizing a camp under the name right to bare her body as she damn well pleases  paving way for fellow street style fixtures such as her half sister Kendall jenner and model Bella Hadid who breaks the bar by her shunning tops which exposes her nipples.

Design wise the nations which has relaxed rule towards nudity, the bra material is thin. On the contrary they are thick and constricting in other countries, says Rapon. He also adds that its very dangerous to censor the parts common for both under illicit and provocative content as the same is not been done for male. This statement plays a crucial role in desexualising most polarizing female body.

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