Right from stone age,there exists a common ideology in gender bias which has never subdued but escalated to next level in past years.  Some uprisings have also been done with serious momentum for equal paying, affordable birth control along with other fundamental women’s rights. Very basic thing one has to understand both in fashion and  real world, that there is no such thing known as “not to be discussed with anyone” – depends on the person to whom we do. But one thing is that the more we hide the more expectation and secrecy towards that grows.  The Nipple : Excluding some nations like FranceRead More →

e commerce

E-commerce has completely revolutionized the way we do business today! With e-commerce geographical distances have shortened, reach has expanded and possibilities have become limitless! Fashion ecommerce has also brought in a new dynamism and innumerable opportunities in the world of fashion. Today we rely on the internet for every big and small task. From our personal needs to professional requirements, the internet has answers and solutions for everything. It thus comes as no surprise that fashion ecommerce has been greatly appreciated, widely used and received much attention. Today’s consumers are on a constant lookout for ‘quick’ solutions and with fashion on one’s fingertips, the consumersRead More →

The 21st century fashion, the modern day world, is all about self expression. Especially when it comes to the dynamic world of women fashion, it is all about enhancing the eccentricities that define the modern day woman. Freedom, Bold, Independent, Sensuous, Graceful, Fierce… these are just some words that describe the modern day woman and the words that inspire the women fashion trends today. Taking a peak at the major trends of the 21st century, with regards to women fashion, it’s dominated by the lifestyle of women. Let’s take a look at the TOP 3 major Trends that define Women’s Fashion in the 21st century:Read More →

“Fads are the kiss of death. When the fad goes away, you go with it!”Formally, a fad is anything that a group of people collectively chose to follow enthusiastically for a particular span of time. Fads can be anything- be it in the fashion industry, diets, toys, jewellery etc. You would have quotes such as “Internet is such a passing fad” or “Social media is not a fad because it’s human”.  “Fad” or “craze” is used in day to day conversations without realising where it originates and where and when it fades. You will also find that fads and trends are very different from eachRead More →

Fashion Show

Fashion Weeks have been around for as long as one can remember! People within the fashion industry eagerly wait for this big moment while most people on the outside are wondering what the hype is all about! Fashion weeks are like the ‘exhibitions’ or the ‘trade fairs’ for the fashion world. It’s a showcase of the latest trends, a showcase of talent and an opportunity for fashion designers to get noticed! With social media and other digital platforms, runway fashion has now become more widespread. People within and outside the fashion industry can get an up, close and personal look at what’s trending on theRead More →

With social media platforms new professions like a Fashion Influencer or a fashion Blogger have become high in demand. The world of fashion has been influenced by many factors and ecommerce and social media play a big role in its revolution. Social media platforms bring people together and offer an engaging and interactive platform for people to connect and share thoughts, and ideas. Bloggers, brands and celebrities have used the power of social media to extend their reach and tap into a limitless pool of opportunities. Unlike a few years back, the fashion industry is not dominated and ruled by just a handful of designersRead More →

Faux fur and Faux Leather are fake leather and fur made out of fabricated fibers which gives you the feeling of original fur and leather. You might be a leather fan but you will be shocked to know that the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals, tans their skin and hides. Yes, it is gruesome and the process involves various inhuman methods to produce that leather! Cows, crocodiles, alligators and various other reptiles are used for leather products. In the US, cattle skin and calves are used, but leather is also made from sheep, lambs, goats, and pigs.  So, just to giveRead More →

Eastern Fashion

The exotic Eastern culture has a very bold and significant impact on the eastern fashion world. Eastern fashion is broadly linked with all things exotic, cultural and deep rooted in heritage. The flourish of art and culture took place in the East much before it entered the west. Thus, even the Eastern fashion has a richer history and heritage associated with it. Even though most people consider western fashion to be the more ‘in trend’ and ‘modern’, when it comes to symbolism in fashion it reflects greater on the Eastern world. Eastern fashion is a portrayal of tradition and cultural. What we consider exotic isRead More →

Counterfeit clothing

Counterfeit Clothing is one of the major issues in the Industry of Fashion. The counterfeit market can cost the businesses $200 billion annually. Nowadays, people tend to invest in high end products…affordable or not! That is also due to the fact that it is impossible to distinguish between duplicate and genuine goods. Let’s talk about the practice of counterfeiting in the fashion industry specifically. Duplicating brands and products is endemic and raises several ethical dilemmas. Morally, this has a lot of impact on designers and companies. In short, counterfeit fashion can cause companies to lose a lot of revenue and can have an effect onRead More →

celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsement has become the most popular tool for effective advertising and building a brand image. Today with so much competition, brands are always looking for the most impactful ways to reach out and attract more and more attention. Celebrity endorsements have become the most powerful tool to gain desired results and attention for a brand. The effect of celebrity endorsement can be marginally seen in two major areas- Brand Building and Product Marketing. But these effects can only be roped in for a brand after careful selection of who the celebrity is. There has to be some strong link between the celebrity and theRead More →