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Importance of Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks have been around for as long as one can remember! People within the fashion industry eagerly wait for this big moment while most people on the outside are wondering what the hype is all about! Fashion weeks are like the ‘exhibitions’ or the ‘trade fairs’ for the fashion world. It’s a showcase of the latest trends, a showcase of talent and an opportunity for fashion designers to get noticed!

Fashion show

With social media and other digital platforms, runway fashion has now become more widespread. People within and outside the fashion industry can get an up, close and personal look at what’s trending on the runway and who is making the big changes.


So what is so important about the fashion week? What does it do for the fashion industry at large?

Simply put, Fashion Week is the most effective retail platform for designers and the people within the fashion industry. The fashion week brings together retailers, designers and consumers to a common platform and opens its doors to retail. Especially today when everything is digitalized, the gap between the ‘seeing’ and ‘buying’ has reduced. Consumers can now instantly make purchases right after it’s been showcased for the very first time. You don’t have to be there, physically; social media and other platforms bring you runway fashion right to your doorstep.

Fashion show

Today, runway fashion is so much more accessible for consumers. The trends we see on the ramp can be bought in-store, or even better, it can be bought online. The way consumers perceive fashion today has greatly evolved and runway fashion has made its way to wardrobes rather than being just on display. As opposed to a few decades back, consumers today are more aware of fashion and fashion trends. Common people indulge in couture fashion labels and it is the fashion week that brings them to the forefront.

Fashion show

For designers, who are just starting out, a fashion week is the perfect opportunity to connect with an audience and make customers. It’s a platform for both big and small brands to be ‘out there’ and be more accessible. Women fashion is probably the most dynamic and with more and more people contributing to this vast pool of retailers, designers and consumers, it is a fashion week that sets apart the ordinary from the extraordinary. With the ever increasing competition it is easy to get lost in the crowd, so stand out and make runway fashion your key to reaching out.

The Most Important fashion Shows are

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