Fashion Show

Fashion Weeks have been around for as long as one can remember! People within the fashion industry eagerly wait for this big moment while most people on the outside are wondering what the hype is all about! Fashion weeks are like the ‘exhibitions’ or the ‘trade fairs’ for the fashion world. It’s a showcase of the latest trends, a showcase of talent and an opportunity for fashion designers to get noticed! With social media and other digital platforms, runway fashion has now become more widespread. People within and outside the fashion industry can get an up, close and personal look at what’s trending on theRead More →

Paris fashion week

An unexpressed dress code is found amongst the French women which requires a daily glazing. From the streets of Paris we have observed the SS18 fashion shows were not dissolved. All the events were aligned with global fashion shows and the runways were amazing. In-Home Inspirations French styled Home interiors have inspired a few designer wears of the season. We can observe patterns from sofa prints, wall decals and other patterns around the house. From the left: Loewe’s sofa-fringe ups draped around a black string blouse and shorts paired with golden leather shoes, Maison Margiela’s tapestry bodiced white shirt paired with a skirt, Louis Vuitton’sRead More →