Sure, a lost button or red-wine stain wreak havoc on your outfit plans, but armed with the right knowledge and know how,  these fashion catastrophes are surprisingly manageable. And while you may not consider yourself the most practical person just yet, these and tricks will transform you into a fashion handyman (err, woman). The Zipper Problem : Rub Vaseline, crayon wax, or the end of a graphite pencil along the teeth of a zipper to help it slide. These products act as excellent lubricant for the zipper work properly. If the zipper gets stuck even after these then make sure all the teeth are aligned properly if not they can be realigned with a small plier or try adjusting the slider. For more Zipper hacks Watch the Video Below :   Fix the Broken Flip Flop : Use the plastic clasp from a bag of bread. Insert the strap of the flip flop through the hole in the broken sole, and at the end of the strop lock the strap with theRead More →